About Us

Shisiradhikari.com is a Nepalese education website that was created in 2022 by Shisir Kumar Adhikari, who is also the author of the Mentor Series Books for Health Loksewa. The primary objective of this website is to provide a comprehensive set of online tools aimed at educating students studying school health science, public health, and medical disciplines.
The core focus of shisiradhikari.com is to deliver educational content through short video lessons. These videos serve as a means of imparting knowledge and facilitating understanding in an easily digestible format. By utilizing videos, the website aims to make the learning process engaging, interactive, and accessible to a wide range of students.
In addition to the video lessons, shisiradhikari.com also offers supplementary practice exercises and materials for health educators. These resources further enhance the learning experience by providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and reinforce key concepts. The inclusion of such practice exercises allows for a more comprehensive approach to learning, ensuring that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop practical skills.
The website's founder, Shisir Kumar Adhikari, brings his expertise as an author and his understanding of the educational needs of health science students to the platform. Through his Mentor Series Books, he has already established himself as a trusted resource in the field. By leveraging his experience and knowledge, shisiradhikari.com aims to provide quality educational content tailored to the specific needs of Nepalese students pursuing health science, public health, and medical studies.
Overall, shisiradhikari.com strives to be a valuable online resource for students and educators alike. By offering a combination of video lessons and supplementary materials, it aims to facilitate effective learning in the health sciences and Health Loksewa field in Nepal.