Areas of Interest
Mr. Shisir Kumar Adhikari is a government job holder Medical practitioner, young academician, good trainer and author of Mentor Series Books. What can be said about him without exaggeration is he deserves three parallel titles of the public life at the moment that is Educationist with Bureaucrat, and a Popular Writer.

Personal Facts
He permanently belongs to ward number 3 of Birendranagr Municipality in Surkhet district. He was born in Dailekh District’s Dokra Gaun of the Bhairabi Rural Municipality on 31st of Shravan 2047 BS (15th August, 1990 AD). However, now, he regularly lives in Madhuwan Municipality-6, Shanoshree of Bardiya district. He generally maintains weight at 60 kilograms with height of 5.8 feet. His blood matches with group A+ (positive). His unique interest is listening to music and hobby is composing Lyrics, Stories, and Poems.

Professional Experience
He is the famous tutor of faculty of Health Science and Loksewa preparation classes in various institution of Nepal. He has also 9 years experience of government job.

He has successfully completed 18 years of schooling with Masters’ Degree in Education and Humanities faculties on Health Education subject under Tribhuwan University. Similarly, He earned the General Medicine (Health Assistant) Degree in Health Science faculty during 2015-2018 with First Division score from School of Health Science Bharatpur Chitwan. He did Community Medical Assistant (CMA) course during 2009-2010 and did 10 years of school education during 2002-2010 AD. He has demonstrated excellent efficiency in Nepali and good in English and Hindi languages. Now he is also student of Public Health (BPH).

1. Mental Health Training
2. Basic Oral Health Training
3. TB Modular Training
4. HMIS Training
5. Infection and Prevention Control Training
6. Counselling and Family Planning Training
7. Comprehensive Leprosy Training
Publication of his creation
He has written educational textbook and public health related articles, books and different
aspects of Nepali literature. He has published the following health related 14 books as a author and co-author.
1. A Textbook of Environmental Health (ISBN 9789937710305)
2. ;fdflhs cWoog (ISBN 978-9937-710-37-4)
3. A Textbook of Social Studies (ISBN 978-9937-710-69-5)
4. A Textbook of Health Education (ISBN 978-9937-710-32-9)
5. A Textbook of Health Education, Health Care System and First Aid (ISBN 978-9937-710-65-7) (Co-author)
6. HA Mentor (Co-author)
7. Nursing Loksewa Mentor (Co-author)
8. Interview Mentor
9. 10,000 Golden MCQs Mentor
10. Nursing Licence Mentor (Co-author)
11. AHW Mentor (Co-author)
12. ANM Mentor (Co-author)
13. HA Complete Solution for General Medicine 3rd Year Final Examination
14. CMA Complete Solution for CMA Final Examinations
Coming Soon…
1. Primary Health Care and Family Health
2. HA Complete Solution for General Medicine 2nd Year Final Examination (Co-author)

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